Enhancing Ghost Photos On Your Computer

So you’re trying to take pictures of ghosts?  Sometimes they are just right there in the image, but most of the time you might have to adjust the contrast and the colors to really get the full picture.

My friend once took a picture of a ghost she had seen on her iPhone.  I couldn’t really see what she was looking at in the image, but when we enhanced the image for contrast it blew me away.  A face emerged from the dark photo as clear as could be.  It was intense!

You might find more in your photos if you can tune the contrast a bit.  There are a few great programs with which to do this.

One of the programs you might want to look into is Adobe Lightroom.  This is an affordable image enhancement software program that will enable you do amazing things with your digital photographs.  However, even a free program such as Gimp could help you out enormously.

You could use either a Mac or a PC.  I really think there isn’t much of a difference although you’ll find many people who will say one or the other is better.  Whatever suits your lifestyle would be the best choice for you.  If you do use Windows please ensure that you’re protecting your computer with security programs that protect against viruses and spyware.  You can find some of those programs reviewed on this website.