Ghost Hunting In San Diego

[SAN DIEGO: Guests at the Whaley House, one of the oldest buildings in San Diego, often encounter the apparent spirits of the home’s former residents. Gaslamps add to the historic feel of the Whaley House in Old Town San Diego.] *** []
If you’re looking for Ghosts in San Diego, then look no further than the Whaley House.  In fact, the Whaley House has earned the title “the most haunted house in the US”.  It’s also one of only two houses in California recognized by the U.S. commerce department as being haunted.  It’s creepy, and my friend has taken what I consider the MOST reliable ghost photo I’ve ever seen (because I know her personally, and I know she didn’t “doctor” the photo and she took it on her iPhone).

The structure sits in Old Town San Diego, an area known for it’s Mexican Mission style and theme-park atmosphere.  It’s a strange place for the most haunted place in America, basically because it sits amidst one of the most festive and family friendly atmospheres in the city.

But several well-known psychics and ghost hunters have called it one of the most reliably haunted places in the US.

One of the most famous encounters was by a San Diego police officer nearly 30 years ago.  He was called to the site in response to someone’s report of a lady crying.  The declassified report states that he came across a lady at the back of the house dressed in period clothing.  She turned around and smiled at him, but when he shone the flashlight at her she disappeared.

Other police reports have been filed too, in response to people hearing voices and accidentally setting off alarms.

I plan on going to this house soon and taking photographs with my Canon.